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What to Wear on Safari

Remember the saying “Less is more?” Keep that in mind when packing for an African safari. If you are flying on smaller charter planes in Africa, remember that 30 pounds (24 pounds in Southern Africa) of checked baggage in a soft sided piece of luggage, is strictly enforced.  L.L. Bean has a variety of rolling duffle bags ideal for safari. Now you ask “How can I fit it all in 30 pounds?”  Here’s the trick! 

All the lodges and hotels offer same day laundry service at very reasonable prices. Yes, you can make your wardrobe work with packing just five outfits! Remember, you will be wearing an outfit on your international flight to Africa, so that makes a total of six outfits.

Cotton clothing works best in Africa. During the daytime, we recommend shorts and tee shirts or polo shirts. For the evening, we recommend long sleeved shirts/blouses and trousers/slacks. Don’t pack jeans because they are very heavy. You will need a jacket, because early morning and late afternoon game viewing drives tend to get cool. A fleece jacket is ideal--it is light and does not wrinkle, when crunched into the airplanes overhead bins. We strongly recommend a hat, for shade from the African sun, and a pair of sunglasses. And of course, don’t forget your Cameras & Lenses!

Here is our packing list:

3 pairs of shorts.
2 pairs trousers (gents)/slacks (ladies).
3 tee shirts or polo shirts.
2 long sleeved shirts (gents)/blouses (ladies)
5 pairs of underwear.
2 pair sports bras (ladies).
1 pair strap on sandals.
1 swimsuit.
1 hat, preferably with a brim.
1 pair sun glasses.
1 jacket, fleece works for me.
1 pair comfortable walking shoes.
1 medium sized backpack on safari, to carry your camera, passport, Wet Ones, etc.
1 pair of binoculars.
1 Camera (with wide & zoom lenses).


Sunscreen is a must.
Wet Ones.
Shaving accessories.
Bug repellant – Off now has a clip-on, which works better than the spray-on (according to them).
Medication – Please take a sufficient supply to last your entire safari, plus travel days to and from Africa. We strongly recommend taking a box of Imodium AD.

Terms & Conditions


A deposit of US$1000 per person is required at the time of booking, with final payment due at 60 days prior to departure. If your reservation is made within 60 days prior to departure, then final payment will be due upon confirmation. In paying by credit card, passenger agrees not to request any charge back on a credit card charge until any disputed matters are settled with Safari Spots.


Cancellations received in writing prior to 60 days before departure will be subject to a US$500 per person cancellation fee. Between 60 and 30 days prior to departure, the cancellation fee will be US$1500 per passenger. Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to departure will be subject to 100% of the safari cost. We strongly recommend travel insurance. 


The accommodations advertised on these safari programs may not always be available and may be substituted for accommodations of a comparable standard. Single rooms are subject to availability by the hotels and lodges. Tour costs are based on known costs as of January 3, 2017. Safari Spots reserves the right to increase tour costs to cover any unforeseen increase in costs, tariffs, and taxes after prices are published. Prices may also be increased because of fluctuation of foreign exchange rates. Safari Spots reserves the right to not breakdown costs of any of their programs. The prices quoted will always provide a detailed list of what is included on the tour.

Safari Spots reserves the right to alter any safari arrangements due to local and international conditions. We also reserve the right to refuse anyone from continuing or participating on a safari program for any reason and if that person is deemed to be a hazard or inconvenience to fellow passengers, Safari Spots employees, and staff at any of the hotels and lodges.


It is each travelers responsibility to familiarize themselves with the most current travel advisories and/or travel warnings as published by the US State Department’s website. A travel advisory or warning does not necessarily mean the entire country/continent is at risk. Judgment and commonsense should prevail. Your safety is paramount to us at Safari Spots, and we will provide you with the most current conditions at ground zero, as our suppliers are based there.


Safari Spots and associated companies make arrangements with hotels, lodges and tented camps, for transportation and conveyance by any means, as Agents, on the express condition that they shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be through any defect to vehicles, or through any acts or faults of person or Company or person engaged in conveying passengers or in carrying out the arrangements of the tours or otherwise in connection therewith, or any hotel/lodge proprietor, employee, agent servant or contractor.

Safari Spots and its agents shall not be responsible or liable for any injury, loss, damage, delay or inconvenience arising out of, or in connection with, any defect in any vehicle or any act, including any acts of terrorism, industrial action, acts of governments and God, omission, neglect, accident, error or omission in the provision of any services. Any travel involves some measure of personal risk that the passenger has to determine. Safari Spots reserves the right to accept or decline any passenger from participating on any of our tour programs for any reason. Every passenger must complete a Passenger Registration Form as well as an Indemnity & Assumptions of Risk Statement before final documents are issued.

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