We Are Safari Spots

Learn about the hosts of our safaris

Noel D'souza

Chief Travel Officer

Born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya, Noel's parents first took him on safari when he was 10 years old. He fell in love with the animals and the serene landscape in Tsavo National Park. Family safari trips were a regular part of life during school holidays and covered visits to all the major National Parks in Kenya. In 1987 Noel started working in the safari industry, selling safaris in the U.S.A. and Canada. Here he is 30 years later still doing what he loves. Noel considers himself to be the luckiest man in the world. Helping make people’s dreams of Africa come true. His daughters now help run Safari Spots as they have the same safari bug Noel picked up when he was 10!

Nicole D’Souza

Chief Guide

Growing up in a safari family, Nicole has always been enamored with everything Africa-related, from the animals to the land to the customs of the tribes and societies. Even her favorite childhood movie, The Lion King, reflected this admiration. On her very first safari, Nicole had the exceptional opportunity to observe the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, and leopard) which only strengthened her awe for this wonderful place. Her favorite safari destination is the Masai Mara, which she believes is truly a paradise on earth. Nicole loves to tell safari stories and show off pictures with anyone who will listen, and hopes to share the majestic beauty of Africa with many others.

A.K. Sandhu

Photographer in Residence

Arie is a professional fine art photographer and filmmaker. She was born in India and has lived in Bombay, NYC and San Francisco.

Arie will join the Safari-Spots team as photographer in residence for our 2017 high season. Arie will be available to all clients in camp to provide mentoring on how to capture high quality wildlife images during their safari.

Her stunning creations breathe life into natural encounters with the deftness of an artist’s brushstrokes and the enthralling narrative of the best storytellers. The textures, shapes, colours and movement engrained in all her pictures bring them to life.

Arie is also available to guide photographic workshops with individuals or groups at any time (Ask us about booking her as a specialist guide on your safari).